Do you have an entire family tree you would like researched? Do you have one particular ancestor that you need looked up? Whether it’s a full family tree or helping you through a brick wall, we are here to help. If you do not see a specialty listed below, please inquire so we can give you a free estimate and let you know how we can help you.

Family Tree:

We specialize in compiling information on the entire family and putting it together in a nice package for you and your family to enjoy. Most clients when hiring a Genealogist are not clear on exactly what the final product will be. Often times they are handed a folder with a report in it as their project. We want your project to be an enjoyable, easy to read collection of pictures, documents, reports and charts. Every project is different so we will work out the details of exactly how you would like it to appear.

Brick Wall Research:

Everyone has a brick wall in their family history they have been working on. Let us take a look at what you have. We may be able to suggest an alternative solution. An earlier search may have been focused in the wrong direction. There are new records available every day. We are experts at knowing what records are out there and how to obtain them.

Microfilm and Library Research:

Even with the technology we have today, many records are still not digitized and available online. Most people would be surprised at the number of records that are only available in Genealogy Libraries and on microfilm. Let us see if there are records to help you that you have been unable to find yourself. We have access to one of the premier Genealogy Libraries in the Country with over 50,000 square feet of books and microfilm.

Immigration and Naturalization Research:

Family History Detective researchers are experts at immigration research. There is much more to it then locating a passenger list. We know where to check for the records whether it’s with the National Archives, the USCIS, or the various court locations. FHD has written many articles on locating passenger lists, naturalization records, and information. If you want the full story on your ancestors arrival to the US, please inquire.

Jewish Research:

Jewish Genealogy is a specialty all to itself. One has to understand what databases are available, how to check them and where to look for clues. We have performed research on Jewish ancestry and are familiar with how to be successful at it.

DNA Research:

If you have had DNA testing and cannot understand the results, please check with us and see if we can help.

Some thoughts:

There are some specialties within Genealogy that we do not cover. Below is a list of those specialties. For help with these, we suggest checking with the Association of Professional Genealogist (which we are a member.) Those specialties include Heir Searches, and adoption research.